Essay Header and Title Examples for College Papers

Written By: Myra J. Long
Published On: Sep 24th,2023


In the world of academia, adherence to proper formatting and citation styles is paramount. Among the various formatting elements, headers and titles hold a special place in college papers. They not only provide structure and organization to your work but also serve as a visual representation of your commitment to scholarly standards. In this article, we will explore examples of headers and titles for college papers, with a focus on APA and MLA heading formats.


APA Heading Format

The American Psychological Association (APA) style is widely used in social sciences and is known for its structured approach to citations and headings. Here's an example of how an APA style header and title should appear in your college paper:


Level 1: Cantered, Boldface, Title Case Heading (e.g., Essay Header and Title Examples for College Papers)


The title should be centered, bold, and in the title case.

In this format, your essay title page is a concise summary of the main topic or theme of your paper. It should be clear and informative, providing readers with a glimpse of what to expect in your essay.


MLA Heading Format

The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is commonly used in the humanities and emphasizes simplicity and clarity in formatting. Here's an example of how an MLA-style header and title should be presented:

Header: {Your name, Instructor's name, Course, Date (Day Month Year)


Cantered, Regular Font, Title Case (e.g., Essay Header and Title Examples for College Papers)

In this format, the essay title is cantered and does not require boldface or italics. The header, on the other hand, provides essential information about the author, instructor, course, and date, all left-justified in the top-left corner of the first page.


Importance of Proper Essay Heading

  • Clarity and Organization: A well-formatted header and title ensure that your essay is easy to read and understand. It sets the stage for the reader by providing essential information about the paper.
  • Academic Integrity: Proper heading and title formats demonstrate your commitment to academic integrity and adherence to citation styles. It reflects your attention to detail and professionalism.
  • Identification: In a college setting, where multiple papers are submitted, a consistent heading format helps instructors identify your work easily.
  • First Impressions: Your essay's header and title are the first things a reader sees. A well-crafted title can capture their interest, while a correctly formatted header shows that you take your academic work seriously.


Examples of Essay Titles

  • "The Art of Essay Writing: Navigating the Waters of Academic Expression"
  • "Exploring the Power of Words: An Analysis of Shakespearean Sonnets"
  • "Climate Change and its Socioeconomic Impacts: A Comprehensive Study"
  • "The Role of Technology in Modern Education: A Critical Examination"
  • "Mental Health Stigma: Breaking Barriers through Awareness and Education"
  • "Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Keys to Economic Growth"

Your essay title should encapsulate the essence of your paper, providing a clear indication of its content.


Utilizing Essay Writers and Writing Services

  • While it's essential to learn the art of essay writing, there are times when students may seek assistance. Essay writers and writing services can be valuable resources. If you find yourself in need of help, consider these tips:
  • Research: Before choosing an essay writer or service, research their reputation, reviews, and credentials to ensure they are reliable and reputable.
  • Communication: Maintain open communication with your chosen writer or service to provide clear instructions and monitor progress.
  • Plagiarism Awareness: Always ensure that the content you receive is original and properly cited. Plagiarism can have severe academic consequences.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Even if you use an essay writer, it's essential to review and edit the paper to make it your own.
  • Learn from the Process: Utilizing essay services or writers should be a learning experience. Use the completed essays as examples to improve your own writing skills.



In conclusion, the header and title of your college paper play a pivotal role in conveying information, maintaining academic integrity, and making a positive first impression. By following the APA or MLA heading formats and crafting engaging and informative titles, you can set the stage for a well-structured and academically sound essay. Additionally, while essay writers and writing services can provide valuable assistance, they should be used judiciously and in conjunction with your own efforts to enhance your writing skills. Ultimately, your ability to master the art of essay writing will be a valuable asset throughout your academic journey and beyond.

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