Crafting A Masterpiece:The Art Of MBA Essay Writing

Written By: Bessie B. Jackson
Published On: May 12,2022


In the realm of higher education, one particular challenge stands as a gatekeeper to numerous prestigious MBA programs worldwide - the admission essay. These succinct pieces of prose hold the power to make or break a candidate's chances of securing a spot in their dream business school. MBA essay writing is an art form, requiring the delicate balance of self-expression, strategic storytelling, and persuasive communication. In this article, we delve into the depths of this unique craft, exploring how applicants can harness their creativity and ingenuity to create captivating narratives that leave a lasting impression on admission committees.


The Art of Self-Reflection 

Admission essay writing is an opportunity for aspiring business leaders to reflect on their personal and professional journeys. It demands an introspective exploration of one's motivations, values, and goals. As applicants begin their MBA essay writing journey, they must embark on a quest to discover their unique story - a narrative that sets them apart from the sea of other candidates. This process requires deep self-reflection and an honest assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, and transformative experiences.


Strategic Storytelling 

An exceptional MBA essay is not simply a chronological account of accomplishments and academic qualifications; it is a captivating story that engages the reader from the opening line. Strategic storytelling is a key aspect of MBA essay writing, as it enables applicants to weave their personal and professional experiences into a cohesive narrative that highlights their suitability for the program. By carefully selecting anecdotes, applicants can demonstrate their problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, and capacity for growth.


Authenticity and Voice 

While strategic storytelling is crucial, it is equally important for applicants to maintain authenticity and let their true voice shine through in their MBA essays. Admission committees seek individuals who possess a genuine passion for their field and exhibit a unique perspective. Candidates should aim to strike a balance between crafting a compelling narrative and staying true to themselves. Embracing their own voice, quirks, and personal style ensures that their essay is an honest representation of their character, fostering a stronger connection with the reader.


Precision and Conciseness 

MBA essays are typically subject to stringent word limits, making precision and conciseness vital elements of the writing process. Applicants must communicate their ideas clearly and succinctly, avoiding unnecessary jargon or elaborate language. Each word should be purposeful, adding value to the overall narrative. By employing an economy of words, candidates demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively, a trait highly valued in the business world.


Editing and Feedback 

The journey of MBA essay writing does not end with the initial draft. Editing and seeking feedback are essential steps in refining the essay to its fullest potential. Careful editing allows applicants to eliminate redundancies, strengthen arguments, and polish their prose. Additionally, obtaining feedback from trusted mentors, friends, or professionals provides valuable perspectives and helps identify areas that may need improvement. Iterative revisions based on feedback allow applicants to create a final essay that embodies their unique story while presenting a coherent and compelling case for their admission.



MBA essay writing is an art that demands self-reflection, strategic storytelling, authenticity, precision, and continuous refinement. Crafting a captivating and persuasive essay is a transformative process that allows applicants to showcase their potential as future business leaders. By mastering the art of MBA essay writing, aspiring MBA candidates can unlock the doors to their desired business schools, paving the way for a future of opportunities, growth, and impact in the world of business and beyond.


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