Refund Policy

We take pride in our high satisfaction rate, with over 95% of our customers returning for repeat orders. However, we understand that mistakes can happen, and in these cases, our Refund Policy is in place to provide a solution. We aim to provide a transparent and fair financial relationship between our experts and customers.

regarding our services. As such, we are responsible for delivering the products on time and according to the customer's specifications outlined in their Order. If any of the expert's obligations regarding delivery are not met, the customer is eligible for a partial or full refund in accordance with our Refund Policy.


A user can go for a refund or a complete reversal of the payment only if the received product was below the standards of quality or devoid the instructions for the completion. The refund will be addressed at our terms , as per the decisions made by the quality assistance department.

A user is requested to consider the option of ‘revisions’ for the order before proceeding for a refund. You can go through the terms and conditions in order to know more about the revision terms.

If both, the final copy as well as the revised version is not up to the mark, you can ask for a refund, within the refund period. It should begin while the order is in progress and refund will be initiated after the deadline is completed, sometimes the product expires and elapses after 72 hours. The countdown is processed and managed by the system and once the refund period is expired, you cannot get a refund

Our support team is responsible for reviewing the quality-based refund and it will be processed within 3 – 5 business days after receiving the request.

The refund will be provided in the form of an account balance, or the payment method preferred by the client.

Refund is not permissible to the bonus balance

The money back guarantee explains how the refund can be requested and the cases in which full, partial or ether no refund is possible. It is crucial to note that the partial refund options are issued in certain exceptions, or evaluating the situation.

The refund request process abides by the LOV (List of violations), which is an obligatory requirement. The LOV reflects the issues with the product in detail as well as the discrepancies that are observed in the requirements as well as standards that are already defined in the Order form, or Terms and Conditions. Some additional exceptions are sometimes applicable depending on the case such as plagiarism, so it is crucial to match your requirement with the LOV.

The website serves only as a platform and will not be involved in any agreements made between Experts and Customers or any services or materials provided by the expert. The Company will not be held responsible for monitoring any interactions between Customers and Experts.

Our Refund Policy allows for reimbursement if the delivered product does not meet the requirements outlined in your Order. As our website provides services related to academic assistance, we strive to ensure complete satisfaction for our customers.

100% payment can be refunded in the following cases.

If you cancel the order before it is assigned to any writer or after 15 minutes of creating an order

If you have paid twice for an order. However, in some cases, the system might assume that paying for two orders means you need two tasks. Please make sure to contact the support dept immediately.

If the deadline is not met, or if the product is not downloaded by the customer.

If there is refraining from the initial instructions, then refund is possible and it must be presented parallel to LOV

If the plagiarism is more than 10%, however, we don't guarantee or take responsibility for similarity in the part provided by you. we don’t guarantee a refund if the similarity index is found in any of the material that is not provided by the writer.

To ensure transparency, we want to make it clear that there are certain circumstances in which we may offer a refund.

1. Expert is not assigned.

If the expert is not assigned yet, then the paid amount will be returned.

2. Cancellation of Order

When an Order is canceled, the refund amount can range from 100% to 70% to account for the effort put forth by both the Company and the Expert in trying to deliver the purchased product and services. This rule applies when the paper has not been uploaded yet. If the work has already been completed, the situation will be assessed as a Disputed Claim, which will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance department to determine the refund amount that will be offered.

3. Delay in delivery

The Company will provide a suitable reimbursement to make up for the delay in delivery. The specific amount will be determined in consultation with the customer. If the delay is caused by the customer's failure to provide the necessary details for completing the Order, no refund will be granted. Therefore, it is best to submit all relevant information and any necessary sources at the time of placing the Order. In cases where the Order is completed past the original deadline, but the customer still wishes to use the work, they may be eligible for a partial refund.

4. Dispute case

When a customer expresses dissatisfaction and requests a refund, the Quality Assurance Department will conduct an investigation to determine the outcome of the refund claim. We prioritize customer satisfaction and will strive to handle the situation in a fair and satisfactory manner.

5. Duplicate Invoice

In the event that you are charged twice for a single order, it is essential that you notify us right away, particularly if your personal balance remains unchanged. Please provide us with copies of both receipts so that we can investigate and issue a full refund for the additional charge. Such occurrences are very rare and should not happen unless a customer mistakenly pays twice.

6. Issues with originality

If the client faces issues with originality, only the amount might be returned. However, it also depends on the grades, final submission and feedback from the Quality Assurance department. Refunds cannot be entertained under the following conditions

Processing of refunds

"The refund will be processed within two business days after the confirmation is received. However, the Company cannot be held responsible for any fees, anomalies, or delays related to the bank transfer that may occur due to issues with the bank's services.

Addressing chargebacks

If a credit card company reverses a charge for your purchase of the Services (also known as a chargeback), we agree that we can suspend access to all of your accounts with us. You will be responsible for paying any fees that result from chargebacks as well as any fees for accounting or legal services required to resolve the dispute.

Expired account

If you have not used the website for more than 180 days as of the last payment date, your account will be considered expired and will be deleted. All personal data processed by the Company associated with your account or profile will also be erased.

Account deactivation

You can ask to have your account deleted at any time, but please note that we do not offer refunds for cancellations. If we need to suspend or terminate your account due to a violation of any of our policies, please be aware that you will not receive a refund or exchange for any unused services, any content or data linked to your account, or anything else.

Safe transactions

Instead of directly handling your credit/debit card information, we utilize third-party payment services to charge you through an online payments account. Your paid balance is securely kept in your account as we utilize an integrated iframe for checkouts from our partners-payment providers, and Experts are paid for each confirmed product. Furthermore, all transactions are secured as our partner-payment providers employ encryption protection. Your payment information is not stored on our servers.

Processing of refunds

"The refund will be processed within two business days after the confirmation is received. However, the Company cannot be held responsible for any fees, anomalies, or delays related to the bank transfer that may occur due to issues with the bank's services.

Data Management

By using the website to make payments for Services, you understand that your billing information will be handled by our payment processing partners and not by us. You agree that we are not responsible for any failures of these third parties to properly protect your information. The payment process will also be subject to the terms and policies of our payment processing partners, as well as this policy. You also acknowledge that we may change our payment processing partners and may need to transfer your information to other providers who use secure technologies, such as SSL, to protect your information.

Tax information

Once payment is received from the customer, the website will hold onto it until the ordered product is ready to be delivered to the expert at the previously agreed-upon price. Both Customers and Experts are responsible for any transaction fees related to the services provided through our website. There is no cost for registering as a user on the website, but all fees and applicable taxes for the delivery and consumption of Services through our website must be paid by the parties involved. Experts are required to pay a commission for our Services. Failure to pay the necessary fees will be considered a material breach of this Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

Payment receipts

Experts receive payment for each product purchased by a customer on the platform, which is deposited into their account. For added security, Experts can use our third-party payment services to facilitate these transactions.


Payments made on our website are only for the purchase and delivery of educational services between customers and experts. These payments cannot be used for any illegal or fraudulent activities as prohibited by law.

Authorship after a refund

If the Order is canceled, the customer is not allowed to use any products that have been provided prior to the cancellation. Our terms and conditions state that we retain full ownership of the canceled Order's products, and the customer has no right to use them. Furthermore, the product will be added to repository services and marked as completely non-original.

Changes to the policy

We will inform you of any changes or updates to our policies on our website and may also notify you via email. The most current version of this policy will always be available on our website. In most cases, we will provide advance notice before any new terms take effect. However, there may be instances where changes need to be implemented immediately, and in these cases, we will not provide notice beforehand.


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