Expanding Ideas Through Comparative Analysis In Essays - 2023

Written By: William P. Leblanc
Published On: Dec 17,2022


Writing essays is an essential part of academic life, and students often find themselves facing the challenge of meeting word count requirements. Whether it's due to a lack of content or a need to delve deeper into the subject matter, extending the length of an essay can be a daunting task. In this blog, we will explore some useful tips to help students make their essays longer without compromising on quality. Additionally, we will discuss the availability of free essay writing services online and the best ones to consider.


Expand on Your Arguments


1.1 Provide In-Depth Analysis : To make your essay longer, take each argument you've made and delve into it in greater detail. Analyze the underlying details, causes, or effects associated with the argument. By providing an in-depth analysis, you add depth and complexity to your essay, making it more substantial and informative. Explain the intricacies of the argument and explore its various aspects to strengthen your position.

1.2 Incorporate Additional Supporting Evidence : Expand your arguments by incorporating more supporting evidence. Seek out additional examples, statistics, or quotations to back up your claims and provide a broader perspective. The inclusion of well-researched evidence enhances the credibility of your essay. It demonstrates that you have thoroughly examined the topic and are capable of presenting a comprehensive argument.


Elaborate on Key Points 


2.1 Discuss Significance and Implications: To make your essay longer, take the opportunity to elaborate on the significance and implications of the key points you have presented. Explain why these points matter and how they relate to the broader context of your topic. Discuss the potential consequences or impact of these points to provide a more thorough analysis.

2.2 Present Different Perspectives: Expand the length of your essay by presenting different perspectives on the key points you have raised. This demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the topic and adds depth to your discussion. Explore contrasting viewpoints or consider alternative interpretations, providing a balanced analysis that takes into account various opinions.


Provide More Examples and Illustrations 


3.1 Include Specific Cases and Anecdotes : To expand your essay, include specific cases or anecdotes that exemplify the points you are making. These real-life examples make your writing more relatable and engaging to the reader. They add substance to your arguments and provide a concrete basis for your analysis.

3.2 Showcase a Diverse Range of Evidence : Incorporate a diverse range of evidence to support your arguments and make your essay more comprehensive. Include examples from different contexts, disciplines, or time periods. This showcases your ability to draw from various sources and strengthens the validity of your claims.


Conduct Additional Research 


4.1 Explore Relevant Academic Sources : If you're struggling to meet the word count, conduct additional research to gather more information on your topic. Explore relevant academic sources, books, journals, or online databases. This allows you to incorporate new insights, perspectives, and supporting evidence into your essay, thus expanding its length and enriching its content.

4.2 Incorporate New Insights and Perspectives: By conducting additional research, you can introduce new insights and perspectives into your essay. This demonstrates your ability to engage with the latest scholarship and contribute to the ongoing conversation on the topic. Incorporating fresh perspectives helps to make your essay more comprehensive and contributes to its overall length.


Use Transitional Phrases and Linking Words:


Employ transitional phrases and linking words to improve the flow of your essay and increase its length. These words and phrases connect ideas, paragraphs, and sections, ensuring a cohesive and well-structured piece of writing. Examples of transitional phrases include "furthermore," "in addition to," "moreover," and "on the other hand." By utilizing such phrases appropriately, you create a smoother transition between thoughts and effectively increase the word count.


Avoid Repetition and Redundancy: 


While you may be tempted to repeat information or use redundant phrases to fill space, it is essential to avoid such practices. Instead, focus on enhancing the quality of your essay. Eliminate unnecessary repetition and ensure that each sentence contributes something new to the discussion. This not only improves the clarity of your writing but also allows you to present a concise and cohesive argument.


Utilizing Free Essay Writing Services Online


 7.1 Consider the Benefits 

When struggling to meet the word count or facing time constraints, consider utilizing free essay writing services available online. These services can assist you in generating additional content or revising your existing work. They offer expert guidance and support to help you improve the length and quality of your essay.


The Availability of Free Essay Writing Services Online and the Best Ones to Consider 

If you're still struggling to lengthen your essay or are pressed for time, utilizing free essay writing services online can be a viable option. These services can provide valuable assistance in generating additional content or revising your existing work. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and select reliable platforms that prioritize academic integrity. Let's explore one notable free essay writing service online,, known for its commitment to quality and maintaining academic standards. is an esteemed platform that offers professional assistance to students seeking to expand their essays. With a team of experienced writers, they have the expertise to provide valuable insights and generate high-quality content. Whether you need to elaborate on key points, incorporate additional examples, or conduct further research, can support you in enhancing the length and depth of your essay. One of the key advantages of is its commitment to academic integrity. They prioritize originality and ensure that all content provided is plagiarism-free. Their team of writers follows rigorous quality control measures to deliver essays that meet academic standards and requirements. Moreover, understands the importance of meeting deadlines. They strive to provide timely assistance, enabling you to submit your extended essay within the specified timeframe. Their efficient processes and prompt delivery ensure that you can address the length requirements without compromising on the quality of your work. When considering free essay writing services online, it's essential to choose a platform like that emphasizes confidentiality and data security. They maintain strict privacy policies, ensuring that your personal information and academic integrity are safeguarded. While is a recommended platform, it's always advisable to conduct thorough research and read reviews to find the best fit for your specific needs. Consider factors such as the platform's reputation, customer testimonials, and the expertise of their writers. Verify if the service aligns with your academic requirements and expectations.



Writing an essay that meets the required word count can be a challenging task for students. However, by employing the tips discussed in this blog, such as expanding on arguments, elaborating on key points, providing more examples, conducting additional research, using transitional phrases, and avoiding repetition, students can effectively increase the length of their essays without sacrificing quality. Additionally, considering reliable free essay writing service online can be beneficial for students seeking assistance in expanding their essays while upholding academic integrity. With these strategies and resources at hand, students can confidently tackle the task of making their essays longer.

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