Tips And Examples For Writing Thesis Statements

Written By: Lisa W. French
Published On: Oct 20,2023

When we talk about superpowers, there is the power of persuasion which we all want to attain. Whether it is about convincing our parents for our favorite pet or to convince our teacher that we forgot to do the assignment- we all want to have great persuasion skills most of the time. The most desperate time to have this super power is when we think about writing an essay or a research paper. But to write an essay isn’t just a piece of cake.

Do you know the best way to write a good and persuasive essay is to have a good thesis statement? Thesis statement provides you with a good overall image of the whole essay or research paper. To make a thesis statement more persuasive and attractive the writer needs to be skillful. As the strong thesis statement acts as the main foundation of your whole content by providing the reader a clear understanding of core elements of the research paper. Following is the basic structure of this blog:

  • Defining thesis statement.
  •  Importance of thesis statement.
  • Tips and examples to write thesis statements.
  • How Get All Papers simplifies the thesis generating process.

What actually is the thesis statement?

It is basically a concise, well-structured one or two sentence statement which clearly contains the main idea of a research paper or essay. It is usually appearing in the introduction part or separately with its own heading. This provides the overall roadmap of the paper and gives an idea of what you should expect in the rest of the text.

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Importance of thesis statement in research paper or in an essay

Thesis statement in an essay encapsulates the main idea of the whole content which you want to share. It is exactly like a claim you’re making through the essays. Well writing a thesis statement is important as it provides following main elements:

  •  Idea of the paper: A well structured and formulated thesis statement provides the audience an idea about the main objective of your paper. It basically helps the reader to understand the main stance behind Your work.
  • Focus of the whole paper: By writing a thesis statement you actually adopt the strategy of clarifying your ideas and choose to include the most important and significant points into your paper. It basically helps to keep you on track.
  • Organization of the paper: Your thesis statement acts as the blueprint of the whole paper and it forcefully makes you organize your paper in a way which makes it more helpful for the audience.

Well as we have studied about the importance of thesis statements in an essay or research paper now it's time to learn about the tips to write a proper, accurate and well-structured thesis statement.

Tips to write a thesis statement

To write an accurate thesis statement you really need to have careful thoughts, understanding and consideration about the topic. Following are the some of the tips which will help you to generate a thesis which eventually will answer the questions:

 Have deep understanding of the assignment: Before you  write a thesis statement you must have a full grasp of the assignment and the queries you are going to answer.

 Do brainstorming to create ideas: Take your time to brainstorm the ideas and note it down along with key points related to your topic. Like what are the points which can be mentioned in your essay? And what could be counter arguments?

Narrow down your focus: Thesis statement is considered to be the main and core crust of the whole paper or essay so the best way to express it is by providing a specified and direct statement which avoids the vague image.

Give proper evidence: By providing proper evidence to your thesis statement, you can add up the features of credibility to the paper.

 Review and revise your formulated thesis statement: To provide a well-structured thesis statement you might have to revise the statement more often so the accuracy and precision is achieved.

Now we need to talk about some examples of thesis statements so that we can have a clear understanding of it.

Example of thesis statement

Now let’s talk about example which aims to illustrate the principles of a strong thesis statement:

Weak thesis statement:

“People's moods can change with the weather.”

As we can see in the statement it is too broad a statement which lacks the specificity.


The revised statement should be

“The extreme weather condition can have great impact on our mental well-being”

The above example clearly shows how a thesis statement should be written in an essay or research paper. It must have a clear understanding and scientific explanation to it.

Automation of thesis statement by integrating AI into Natural language processing

The manual writeup of the thesis statement is time consuming and also is a great hustle. By integrating AI for generating thesis statements, we can simplify the complex task. Get All Papers provides you with different prompts whether you are looking for essay generator or thesis statement generator we can be your go to solution. By automation you can simply provide the title and keywords for the thesis statement. We will provide you with the thesis statement which later on you can use and adopt according to your requirements.


As we have seen in the above text the significance of the thesis statement cannot be neglected while we write up for a research paper or essay. Due to past experience as a writer we all have some idea about how difficult it is to write down the whole crust of a paper in two lines. It requires a detailed research and in-depth analysis of the different databases so that the idea of the thesis statement is clear and concise.

There is also a single limitation of time consumption, automation is the solution. We can minimize the time to generate thesis statements through integration of AI into natural language processing (NLP). Get All Papers provides their user with one go to solution where you can easily generate your thesis statement as well as you easily.


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