How To Write A Good Argumentative Essay-Guide 2023

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Published On: Oct 20,2023



While writing an essay or research paper, do you run out of a dictionary? Or you don’t know where to begin your argumentative essay? In short, if you struggle to come up with argumentative essay topics which will get readers' attention then don’t worry you're not the one who faces such a problem. Writing an argumentative essay isn’t a piece of cake, it needs proper attention and guidance which will definitely result in the production of a strong argument.

In this blog, we will talk about the process which results in making a crafting essay, along with tips and strategies to help you write strong and evidence-based arguments to make a strong impression. So before getting into the tips and strategies we must talk about the argumentative essay, and what it actually means:


What is an argumentative essay?


The main idea behind an argumentative essay is to provide a stance or position on the problem by giving evidence-based reasons and arguments. A structure argumentative essay contains following of the following main points:

  • It clearly provides an attention-catching topic which will engage the reader.
  • Unbiased opinions.
  • Provide counter arguments as well from the writer’s perspective
  • Allows the reader to make his/her own analysis so that he/she can maintain their own perspective.


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Understanding the argumentative essay basics


Before stepping into the main question of how we can compose a good argumentative essay we first establish the basics like what can make the essence of an argumentative essay. Well, the core lies in the skill of an essay to persuade, and for such drive, you must have strong opinions braced by evidence, which will make it hard for the reader to terminate your argument. Rather they will be obligated to change their mind and go with your point of view. That’s how an argumentative essay must act.

As for now, you have a detailed understanding of what an argumentative essay is and what is its main essence. Now we delve into the question of how we can create such an essay which will attain a value where no reader will be able to challenge its evidence.


Tips to write an argumentative essay 


Writing an argumentative essay isn’t just a simple task rather it involves a series of steps to attain quality and evidence-based arguments. Following are a few tips which will help you to produce quality essays:


To select compelling argumentative essay topics


The choice of the right and compelling topic for your argumentative essay is the core element of the whole essay. As we know the topic basically sets the stage for the entire content. So, it is important to choose one which not only interests you but also attracts the attention of your audience. To pick the relevance and most rated topic in your specific domain you must consider the following points:

  • Must pick a topic which is relevant to current events or issues.
  • Look for topics which have multiple controversies, as they will definitely have multiple viewpoints.
  • You should select a topic which catches your personal interest as if you aren’t interested in some tasks then definitely the quality will be compromised.
  • Research and review are the core objectives, once you do the detailed research then and only then you can come up with a hot topic regarding the domain you are working on.

Once you are done choosing the topic for your argumentative essay generator, you are ready to go for the next step which defines the overall structure of the essay.


Structuring the overall argumentative essay


An essay which contains a well-provided structure is essential for conveying your message to the audience. As it follows a clear and concise process without breaking up the overall flow of the essay. Following is the generalized structure of argumentative essay:

  • Introduction: It is the starting part of the essay which provides you with the background of the topic and also provides the thesis statement.
  • Body of essay: It contains the different arguments of the whole essay. It contains arguments along with the evidence and examples to support the argument. The best way is to use transitional phrases which connect paragraphs and furthermore maintain the flow of the whole essay.
  • Counter Arguments: In this section, you will address the opposing viewpoint which shows that you only used the arguments supporting your thesis statement rather you also considered different perspectives. By doing so you show your unbiased approach.
  • Conclusion: Here you summarize your main arguments along with restating your thesis statement.


Writing an effective argumentative essay


Now you start with writing the essay in detail, by providing different perspectives and talking about different approaches you can take to clearly define the topic of the essay. As the name “argumentative essay” suggests the task is to provide different arguments related to the topic along with evidence. The evidence is necessary as it shows the credibility of your work and research.

This is where you can explain your point by providing examples and analysis, which creates a strong image of your analytical skills. After writing the essay here comes the final task.


Review and edit the content


As of now, you have finished the initial draft of your formal essay and here is the time to evaluate and improve the content, if there are any kind of problems and intricacies it should be eradicated. Following are some of the steps which will help you to advance the excellence of your essay:

  • Peer assessment: Ask a coworker or associate to read and give comments on your essay.
  • Grammar and style: Run spell-checking or grammar-checking tools to clarify the errors or any discrepancies.
  • Check thesis statement: Go for auditing the thesis statement and whole essay to check if there are any sort of issues then they must be minimized or removed completely.




To write an argumentative essay isn’t easy. You need to go through a whole defined process in order to generate an argumentative essay which will contain well-developed arguments and evidence. The best essay not only contains supportive arguments rather it must include counter arguments too, so that it can be clearly seen you aren’t biased while doing research.


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