AI Essay Generators: A Boon Or A Bane For Students?

Written By: Gilbert W. Noel
Published On: Oct 20,2023



We all have been suffering from time to time to complete writing tasks whether it is high-end research or just a short-term assignment. It is in human nature to get bored with anything which isn’t of your interest. In schools or universities, we most of the time get stuck on long assignments, but we have to complete them within the desired or allocated time schedule. Well, I can't relate to it, as in my school days I used to deal with a lot of assignments and sometimes wasn’t able to complete them. But then I heard about AI essay generators which is attaining its importance no doubt. And it completely changed my assignment structure and quality.

Before getting into the boons of AI essay generators for students, we must have some background knowledge about it.


What are AI essay generators?


AI essay generators are basically computer programs which integrate artificial intelligence with natural language processing. Through AI essay generators you can get outlines and content for your specific topic and get high grades in exams. Furthermore, the main objective is to be helpful to humans by saving time and overcoming writer’s block. However, it can raise a concern about plagiarism and lack of in-depth content.

There are several tools related to AI essay generators such as freeessaybot, writing bot free, essay bots, AI essay generator, or AI essay writer and they promise to provide you with ease while creating essays and academic content. But the issue that arises here is that they lack the human touch, as the content they provide is simply robotic and it needs to be humanized before finalizing the assignment. Get All Papers is the only site where you can clarify all of your concerns regarding the originality of content.

Regardless of its benefits most students or researchers wonder whether AI essay generators are acting as a boon or bane for students. For this purpose, we are going to study both aspects of the AI essay generator so that you can make an informed decision. Well, isn’t it great?


Let’s talk about the boon of AI essay generators


Following are some of the points which clearly describes the efficiency and importance of AI in student’s life:

  • Time efficient: AI essay generators such as Get All Papers which provides free AI essay writing and thesis statement generators, can surely end up saving a lot of significant time for students. As they can efficiently create essays and their outlines within a short span of time.
  • Enhance productivity: Students can surely increase their productivity by adopting AI ways of writing content or assignments.
  • Improved writing skills: Through thesis making students can learn from AI-generated content and can easily make problem statements, and thesis statements for their annual exams. Such skills can be attained within a limited time period and with a lot of proficiency.
  • Free access: There are some AI essay generators which offer their services free of cost and among the Get All Papers is one of the outgrowing services which allows their users to use their AI features free of cost.

On the other hand, there are some factors too which might make AI essay generators a bane for students. So, in order to make an informed decision about the AI technology we must explore the banes as well.


Now it's time to explore the banes of AI essay generators…


  • Plagiarism Concerns: Plagiarism is one of the most significant concerns about AI-generated content and should be the priority. Students must be cautious not to submit AI-generated essays as their own without editing and proofreading.
  • Quality issue: As the data generated by AI is entirely robotic then it lacks the in-depth information about any of the topics. In such situations, the student must not go for AI content as it will definitely lead to lowering their grades.
  • Limited Creativity: As AI essay generators work on algorithms and patterns they lack the spark of creativity which cancels out the idea of original work from the very beginning of an essay or research paper.
  • Ethical considerations: AI-generated content is most of the time plagiarized and lacks the originality level which is considered an unethical act in most of the educational sector. 

After viewing the both negative and positive sides of AI essay generator or AI-generated content, we come to the conclusion that there must be a common ground where we can use the AI essay generators for our own benefit.


Finding the balance…


This is the most important and essential part where we make a common ground for using the AI essay generators without facing any sort of challenges and allegations.

  • Use AI content as a starting point: The most effective way is to use AI-generated content as the guide or main idea but then we do the research by ourselves so the originality of our work will not be compromised.
  • Review and revise: As a student we should never entirely rely on content generated by tools like free essay writing bot. The correct way is to review and revise the content according to our specified topic.
  • Learn from AI: Getting ideas or learning anything from AI won’t hurt at all rather it will assist you in creating quality data.
  • Avoid Plagiarism at any cost: Plagiarism and stealing both are considered synonyms, and they need to be taken under consideration. As it shows the unethical and unprofessional behavior from the researcher's point of view.




AI essay generators like chatbots are considered to be the main resource in a student's educational life. They can act as a boosting element which can result in saving time, increasing productivity and providing valuable insights. Moreover, students and researchers must exercise caution while working on academic integrity and providing high-quality content. Still worry no longer Get All Papers is the right place to land on, where we got you covered with all of your concerns about originality and plagiarism.

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