What Students Need to Know Regarding Essay Writing Services

Written By: Carl E. Plaisance
Published On: Dec 08,2022


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the realm of higher education is experiencing a surge in competition among aspiring students. To secure a spot at their dream universities, applicants face the daunting task of crafting impressive admission essays. Amidst this pressure, online essay writing services have emerged as a popular solution. This blog explores the pros and cons of utilizing such services for university admission essays, shedding light on their benefits and potential pitfalls.

I. The Rise of Online Essay Writing Services

The advent of technology and the internet has paved the way for numerous online platforms, including essay writing services. These platforms offer assistance to students seeking professionally written essays for university applications. With their vast network of skilled writers, they cater to a diverse range of subjects and academic levels, promising to deliver high-quality content on time.

II. The Pros of Utilizing Online Essay Writing Services

1.Expert Guidance


One of the primary advantages of using an online essay writing service for university admission is the access to expert guidance. These services employ experienced writers, often with advanced degrees in various fields, who possess a deep understanding of the admissions process. This expertise enables them to create compelling essays that effectively showcase a student's strengths and aspirations.

2.Improved Chances of Admission


University admission committees are inundated with thousands of applications each year. A well-crafted essay, professionally written by online services, can make a significant difference in standing out from the crowd. Through eloquent writing and a well-structured narrative, applicants can increase their chances of gaining admission to their desired institutions.

3.Customization and Personalization


Reputable essay writing services aim to tailor each essay to the individual applicant's unique profile and aspirations. They work closely with the students, seeking to understand their background, experiences, and future goals. This personalized approach ensures that the essay reflects the student's voice and creates a more authentic representation of their journey.

4.Time Efficiency


Applying to multiple universities can be overwhelming, and crafting individualized essays for each application can be time-consuming. Engaging an online writing service can free up valuable time for applicants, allowing them to focus on other crucial aspects of the application process, such as standardized tests and interviews.

III. The Cons of Utilizing Online Essay Writing Services

1.Ethical Dilemmas


Using an essay writing service raises ethical concerns, especially if the applicant fails to disclose the use of external assistance. Universities place a strong emphasis on honesty and integrity, and submitting an essay not entirely written by the applicant may be considered academic dishonesty, potentially leading to severe consequences, including rejection or expulsion. There are many cases, where the writing bots or the AI tools have resulted in citing fake references or coming up with biased responses, as per the instructions that are already stored. Pertaining to all these issues, students need to remain very careful regarding their choice of the writing bot and what kind of services that they are taking from these bots. 

2.Lack of Authenticity


Admission officers seek to understand the real person behind the application. When an essay is outsourced, it may lack the authenticity and genuine voice that admissions committees value. This could diminish the chances of forming a true connection with the applicant, potentially working against them in the selection process. In some of the cases, bots come up with the information that is restricted to a  particular time period, and it will deprive the reader of any information that is before that time. It can also affect the quality of the services that are provided. 

3.Uneven Quality of Services


The online essay writing industry is vast and diverse, with varying levels of professionalism and expertise among different services. Some platforms may prioritize quantity over quality, leading to poorly written essays that fail to make a positive impact. Therefore, students must thoroughly research and choose a reputable service to ensure a worthwhile investment. For some of the tasks, the free services might perform exceptionally great, while this might not be the case when dealing with some other subject and it can affect the quality of services or even the grades of the students. 

4.Cost Considerations


Quality essay writing services often come at a cost, and some students may find them financially prohibitive. This raises questions about fairness, as wealthier students could gain an advantage by hiring top-tier services, further exacerbating inequalities in the admissions process.

IV. Making an Informed Decision

While online essay writing services offer a convenient solution for university applicants, students must make an informed decision before engaging their services. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

1.Reflection and Self-Assessment: Students should reflect on their experiences and aspirations before seeking external assistance. Understanding oneself better can significantly contribute to crafting a more authentic and compelling essay.

2.Research and Due Diligence: Thoroughly research different essay writing services, read reviews, and ask for recommendations to identify reputable platforms with a track record of success and ethical practices.

3.Collaboration, Not Delegation: If students choose to utilize an essay writing service, they should view it as a collaborative process rather than delegating the entire task. Active participation ensures the essay remains true to their personality and experiences.



In the fast-paced and competitive world of university admissions, online essay writing services can be both a blessing and a curse. While they offer expert guidance, improved chances of admission, and time efficiency, students must weigh the ethical concerns, authenticity issues, variable service quality, and cost implications. In the end, the key lies in striking a balance and making an informed decision that aligns with both the student's needs and ethical values. Crafting an impactful and authentic essay remains a testament to the applicant's genuine passion and determination in pursuing their academic dreams. In the end, it is the choice of the students only about what are their goals and what they want to achieve in their life, based on it, the decisions should be made. 

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