Essay Writing Problems: 5 Most Paralyzing Issues

Written By: Shawn D. Landis
Published On: Aug 13,2023


Essay writing is a fundamental skill that students must develop throughout their academic journey. However, many individuals encounter various challenges when it comes to composing compelling and well-structured essays. In this blog, we will discuss the five most paralyzing problems students face while writing essays. Moreover, we will also explore how utilizing the services of the best essay writing service can offer a solution to these issues. So, let's delve into the common problems that hinder students' progress and discover how to overcome them with the help of a reputable and free essay writing service.


1. Lack of Time Management 


One of the most significant obstacles faced by students is poor time management. Balancing multiple assignments, extracurricular activities, and personal responsibilities can leave students overwhelmed and short on time for essay writing. Consequently, they may struggle to complete their essays within the given deadlines, compromising the quality of their work.

By employing the assistance of the best essay writing service, students can save valuable time. These services offer professional writers who are adept at producing high-quality essays promptly. Availing the services of a free essay writing service ensures that students can focus on other important aspects of their education and personal life without compromising their academic success.


2. Inadequate Research Skills 


a. Understanding the Challenge:

Inadequate research skills can arise from several factors. Some students may lack knowledge of the proper research methods, including how to use scholarly databases, search engines, and library resources effectively. They may struggle to identify credible sources or distinguish between reliable and unreliable information. Additionally, students may face challenges in organizing and synthesizing the gathered information, leading to a lack of coherence and depth in their essays.


b. Strategies to Improve Research Skills:

To overcome the challenge of inadequate research skills, students can implement the following strategies:

Familiarize Yourself with Research Methods: Students should invest time in understanding various research methods, such as conducting literature reviews, surveys, interviews, and experiments. Learning about these methods enables them to choose the most appropriate approach for their essay topics and gather relevant data effectively.

Utilize Academic Resources: Educational institutions provide access to a wide range of scholarly databases, online libraries, and academic journals. Students should familiarize themselves with these resources and learn how to navigate them to find credible and authoritative sources. Librarians can be valuable resources, offering guidance on using databases and locating relevant materials.

Refine Information Evaluation Skills: Students should develop critical thinking skills to evaluate the reliability and relevance of sources. They should consider factors such as author expertise, publication date, peer review process, and bias. By assessing the credibility of sources, students can ensure the accuracy and validity of the information they incorporate into their essays.

Develop Effective Note-Taking Strategies: Taking organized and concise notes during the research process is crucial for retaining and organizing information. Students can use techniques such as summarizing, paraphrasing, and highlighting key points to ensure they capture the essential details of each source. Well-organized notes facilitate the writing process and help maintain coherence in the final essay.

Seek Guidance from Professors and Librarians: Professors and librarians are valuable resources who can provide guidance on research techniques and suggest relevant sources. They can offer insights on refining research questions, identifying appropriate keywords for searches, and evaluating sources. Seeking their assistance can significantly enhance students' research skills and boost the quality of their essays.


3. Poor Writing and Language Skills 


Effective communication through writing is vital in essay composition. However, many students struggle with grammar, vocabulary, and overall writing proficiency. Poor writing and language skills can lead to unclear expression of ideas, lack of coherence, and inadequate structuring of essays.

Engaging the services of the best essay writing service ensures that students' essays are crafted by experienced writers with exceptional writing and language skills. These professionals possess a strong command of grammar, vocabulary, and style, enabling them to produce essays that are well-written, coherent, and engaging. By utilizing their expertise, students can enhance their own writing abilities and learn from the work of these skilled writers.


4. Difficulty in Structuring Essays 


Creating a logical and well-structured essay is crucial for effectively conveying ideas and arguments. However, many students struggle with organizing their thoughts and developing a coherent structure for their essays. This often results in disjointed content and a lack of flow.

The best essay writing service employs writers who are well-versed in essay structure and formatting. They can provide students with well-organized outlines and assist in structuring their essays in a logical manner. By utilizing these services, students can learn the art of effective essay structuring and improve their overall writing skills.


5. Fear of Plagiarism 


a. Understanding the Fear

The fear of plagiarism can stem from various sources. Students may feel overwhelmed by the pressure to deliver original content, especially when they are required to incorporate external sources into their essays. They might worry about unintentionally plagiarizing due to a lack of clarity on proper citation and referencing techniques. The fear of being accused of dishonesty can be paralyzing, leading to self-doubt and anxiety about their writing abilities.

b. Combatting the Fear 

To overcome the fear of plagiarism, students can adopt several strategies:

Develop Proper Research and Note-Taking Techniques: By learning how to effectively conduct research and take comprehensive notes, students can ensure they understand and internalize the information they gather. This approach helps them avoid the temptation to directly copy and paste content from sources.

Practice Strong Citation Skills: Students should familiarize themselves with the appropriate citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA) and understand how to give credit to the original authors of the ideas and information they incorporate into their essays. Proper citation not only prevents plagiarism but also strengthens the credibility of their work.

Utilize Plagiarism-Checking Tools: Various online tools, such as Turnitin and Grammarly, can help students detect unintentional instances of plagiarism. These tools analyze the text and compare it to a vast database of sources to identify any potential matches. By utilizing such tools, students can rectify unintentional errors and ensure the authenticity of their work.

Seek Guidance from Educators and Writing Centers: Students should actively engage with their instructors or writing centers for guidance on proper citation, paraphrasing, and referencing techniques. Educators and writing tutors can provide valuable insights and clarify any concerns related to plagiarism, enabling students to gain confidence in their ability to produce original work.

Use the Best Essay Writing Service: Engaging the services of a reputable and free essay writing service can be an effective way to alleviate the fear of plagiarism. These services employ experienced writers who are well-versed in citation and referencing requirements. By collaborating with these professionals, students can ensure that their essays are original, properly attributed, and free from plagiarism.



Essay writing can be a daunting task for many students, but the challenges can be overcome. The best essay writing service offers an effective solution to the most paralyzing problems faced by students. By utilizing their expertise, students can save time, enhance their research and writing skills, develop better essay structures, and ensure originality in their work. Availing the services of a free essay writing service not only provides professional guidance but also empowers students to become better writers in the long run. So, embrace the assistance available and unlock your potential in essay writing!

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